Michael Dixon


Comment by: LandR
The gas lantern on Bourbon St painted on the roof slate that we bought in Jackson Square made it home safe to NC. Such an amazing piece of art work! It was nice meeting you and hope to see you again when we come to NOLA!

Comment by: Ashley
Just bought 2 pieces from you today in Jackson square and I couldn't be happier with them! I had to carry them through the airport and we got stopped several times from people asking where we bought your artwork! I was sure to tell them where and when you were there! I can't wait to come back down to purchase more stuff from you! Just adore the window boxes!!!!!!!
Comment by: Vinny
My sister loved the fleur-de-lis painted on the roof slate that I brought from you at Jackson Square. I'm from NY and it made it back in one piece. Great Bubble Wrap
Comment by: paul
Hello,I am a chinese.And your fans.I just want to say:I will always support you!
Comment by: Kathy
Took my first trip to NOLA last weekend and sure glad I crossed your path! Love your artwork done with the old windows! I purchased the one that had a cabin on the water with a gator and bird in it! Great work! Hope to see you again!
Comment by: Trudy
Just purchased the street car. I love it and plan to buy another soon!
Comment by: Debbie Newby
I Love, Love the piece I bought with the Mercedes Dome, the Original Lil Saints Guy & the Saints Helmet. It fits perfectly where I wanted it to go. I will definitely be back for a vertical print with the Cathedral & Street Car in it. Thanks Michael and keep the GREAT WORK coming.
Comment by: Michelle Gremard
Finally found your business card!!! My husband and I were there for our honeymoon back in october right around halloween. We purchased the St. Charles street car sculpture on canvas it is AWESOME. We look forward to getting back down your way and seeing some more of your work in Jackson Square. Thanks So Much.
Comment by: Dustin
Michael and Melanie, Leslie and I enjoyed meeting y'all this weekend and visiting some. The cathedral shadowbox we bought yesterday looks phenomenal above my fireplace like I thought it would. And I look forward to putting up the LSU faux brick piece when I put together my LSU workout room! Look forward to getting more from you in the future. Take care!
Comment by: gerrie dixon
Comment by: Peter Van Nimwegen
Mike, My wife and I bought your Antique window shador box with the Jazz players sculpture/ Painting on Christmas Eve, we love it and will send a picture when we get it hung and lit up. Keep up the great work, thank you.
Comment by: Wilma McQueen
Michael, I bought the Drew Brees on slate yesterday for my son-in-law for Christmas. He is going to love it. You do incredible work.
Comment by: bigdut
Michael, Yesterday I purchased a stone painting of Drew Brees from you. I just wanted to say how great it is, and how much I will enjoy it. I would like for you to put up more pictures of your work on the new orleans saints. I may be interested in purchasing more, if I can see more of what you have to offer. thanks
Comment by: Big George
My wife loved the Aggie portrait you did and thank you again!
Comment by: Mark Bergeron
Great Stuff!!! Love the site- CYA soon!
Comment by: amanda trogus
just reminiscing about old times. you popped into my head. nice portfolio. hope all is well. ~a
Comment by: Ish Rivera
Website: www.iroart.info
Mike dude!! It's ISH, remember me from Passman? Out of sheer randomness, I decided to google you. Your pieces look great! Also, love the jackie gleason sketch. Looking good man! Solid crafting like an MF'er. salam alaikum!
Comment by: Jonny young
Great work mike, Have a super new years.
Comment by: missy
Wow Mike, awesome work, very impressive.
Comment by: Donna Labbe'
Wow, incredible work Michael! It was nice meeting you at lunch Saturday.
Comment by: Dave Bowman
Michael, Great meeting you and your wife. I like your portfolio. When in BR area call and lets have a beer. I do not have a specific project at this moment. Dave 225/235-8888 cell
Comment by: Pejman
Wonderful works !
Comment by: Jeanne Hillis
The faces on every one of your sculptures are absolutely captivating....beautiful work, Mike!
Comment by: Chris
Love the Stanley Iceman. Very moving.
Comment by: amy polak
wow, u know they should have re-named the company dixon galleries :)
Comment by: Steven Dixon
We'll get that Dixon section added to the Art History books
Comment by: Larry Blum
I can never get tired of looking at your work. Keep up the great work. Luv ya brother...
Comment by: Jonathan Dixon
Website: http://mandevillehigh.stpsb.org/webteam/2007class/semester_b/dixon/index.htm
hey great pieces, i'm more of the computer guy but I like your stuff a lot. Love, Jonathan
Comment by: Emily
wow amazing work...one of my new favorite artists.
Comment by: Tim LaCrosse
Great work....who did the castings?
Comment by: Stephanie
I love the Jazz players and cat peices. You truly capture New Orleans! The Sameri are wonderful as well.
Comment by: Meredith
Great work!!
Comment by: Pat Hardy

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